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Squid’s gutsy debut LP Bright Green Field feels seasoned from the get-go, with a compelling balance of fervour and control.


Celebrating the anniversary are a slew of guest features to share sounds so felt that they remain both deeply personal to the artist but ubiquitous to how we all love and hurt.


Here are my top 25 Albums released in 2020 and some words on the choices, diversity in music and why “genre-defying” is the theme of the year.


The Microphones, “Microphones in 2020"


Albums that I have been listening to in July seem to capture the displacement of current times, but my top three highlight the most fun and vibrant sounds. Dehd’s “Flower of Devotion” is instantly captivating, SPARKLE DIVISION is a luscious blend on “To Feel Embraced” and illuminati hotties leave no holds barred on “FREE I.H: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For.”

New Music / Lists

Reviews of new and noteworthy albums from June 2020: Sault are suave and meditative on “Untitled (Black Is),” Arca contorts with transformative electronic avant-pop on “KiCk i” and Run The Jewels’ sharp irreverent rap on “RTJ 4” is a surefire protest classic.

Sault, “UNTITLED (Black Is)”

Music / Playlist

From Tchaikovsky to Talking Heads to Tame Impala, here is a playlist that offers light in loneliness, solidarity in solitude and a listening guide for what these songs represent to me.

New Music / Reviews / Features

Apple’s acme arrives, in a sharp, honest, funny and warm flurry. Here are the thoughts I arrive at on life, death, gender and belief.

New Music / Lists

New and noteworthy of the first half of April include Heaven To a Tortured Mind by Yves Tumor, Agitprop Alterna by Peel Dream Magazine and Longest Slow Dance EP by Ferrari Garden

Longest Slow Dance EP, by Ferrari Garden

New Music / Reviews

Nostalgia and hope collide as an exceptional narrator welcomes all with open arms.

Joy Qin

Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. Law/History graduate. I love music, culture, critical theory and the feel of a really good hand sanitiser!

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